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Conventional PCB

Microvia Capability
 Build up Materials  Aramid, BT, FR4, LD Prepreg, RCC
  - Sequential Build-up 
  - Sequential Lamination

 Up to 3+N+3 with IVH
 Up to 3 X IVH (microvia)
 Minimum Line Width/ Spacing  3 mil/ 3 mil
 (3/4 mil for via filling design)
 Minimum/ Maximum Laser Via Size  2 mil/ 8 mil
 Laser Via Formation Method  Conformal Mask, Direct Drilling
 Laser Via Filling  Copper Plating
 Aspect Ratios  1:1
 Impedance Control  +/- 7%

  • Stencil Species
Chemical Etched Stencil 
Laser Stencil
Glue Stencil
  • Thickness
0.1mm ,0.12mm ,0.13mm ,0.15mm ,0.18mm ,0.2mm
  • Specifications Size
Frame Dimension Effective Dimension
55cm×65cm 33cm×43cm
42cm×52cm 23cm×33cm
37cm×47cm 18cm×29cm
30cm×40cm 10cm×20cm
  • File for fabrication
Gerber file ,PROTEL99SE  Altium Designer  PADS Sprint-layout .

 Layer Count  Up to 46 Layers
 Minimum Line Width/ Space  3mil / 3mil
 Aspect Ratio  20:1
 Thickness Tolerance  +/- 8%
 Minimum Core Thickness  2 mil
 Copper Foil  1/3oz to 5oz
 Maximum Panel size  24 " X 36 "
 Maximum Board Thickness  250 mil
 Press fit hole tolerance  +/- 2 mil
 Impedance Control  +/- 5%

Conventional PCB
 Layer Count  Rigid PCB from 2L to 46L
 Base Materials  FR-4, High Tg FR-4, BT, Rogers, Getek, Thermount, PTFE,  Hybrid, Halogen free, Lead-free, Anti-CAF, Nelco-13,  Arlon, High Speed/ Low Loss
 Minimum Core Thickness  2 mil
 Copper Foil  1/3 oz to 5 oz
 Surface Finish  Lead-free HASL, OSP, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion  Silver, Selective OSP/ ENIG, Electrolytic Gold, Carbon Ink
 Minimum Hole Size  6 mil
 Minimum Line Width/ Space  3 mil/ 3 mil
 Solder Mask  Photo imageable, Peelable type
 Impedance Control  +/- 7%