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Electronic Desig
One of technology partner in Mexico designs, develops and manufactures electronic equipment based on microcontrollers, customized to your specifications, good communication better us understand the requirements of your design, thereby achieving satisfaction in working with us.

Our engineers can help you if you are related to industry and
>>You want to develop an electronic circuit for a new product.
>>Spend an electronic circuit to a card or PCB.
>>Requires a cheaper option to automate a process, without using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).
>>Has a sensor and signal conditioning required for its operation.
>>Requires an interface between the computer and a circuit via USB.

Or are you a teacher or student or amateur electronics and requires:
>>Develop an electronic circuit for a class or a thesis project.
>>Programming in C language, any practice or thesis project on a microcontroller.
>>Designing a PCB for an electronic circuit.
>>Use or acquire a surface mount device.


Contact us at 

ShenZhen China support at  sales@smiery.com , 
Mexico support at ventas@tecdigitaldelbajio.com

we will fulfill with your service .

SDM engineers have many programs or libraries in C language for microcontrollers, ready to be used in the application that the client requires.
Among the most relevant devices and technologies used by our engineers, are shown in the table below, including in some cases already have to a finished product which is already in operation.



The microcontroller device used











Control de cargas de C.A (hasta 10 A)

Protocolo RS-485


Lector de Tarjetas Magnéticas

Protocolo Serial RS-232

Encoder Incremental


Tarjeta para encoder

Protocolo SPI




Báscula electrónica

Protocolo I2C

Display gráfico (serial)

Display gráfico (paralelo)



Tarjeta USB-485

LCD de texto




Comunicación Bluetooth


Of course, our engineers also work in the analog part of the design, shown in the table below, some of the products in development and the analog part that has been conditioned.


Dispositivos usados 

Producto final

Acondicionamiento de señales para sensores con salida 4-20 mA.








Diversos chips de Texas Instrument o Analog Devices

Tarjeta para Sensor de presión 

Acondicionamiento de señales para sensores de temperatura tipo PT100 (RTD)


Tarjeta para sensor de temperatura.

Acondicionamiento de señales para celdas de carga (puentes deWheatstone)


Báscula electrónica


Acondicionamiento deseñales del corazón.

Tarjeta para ECG

Acondicionamiento de señales para una turbina magnética

Medidor de combustibles líquidos