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YIHUA 898D hot air smd rework soldering station,2 in 1 Soldering Station

1) Microcomputer control,warming-up quickly. 
2) Adjust the air flow and temperature control rotatin.
1. Comfortable portable handheld and the Digital LED display.
2. Microcomputer control,warming-up quickly.
3. Adjust the air flow and temperature control rotatin.
4. Refer to the instructions included with three kinds of nozzles (big,medium and small) replacement part.
5. Would replace the part if the resistance value is incorrect.
6. When the temperature is less than 70celsiues, can stop rotation automatically.
7. Intelligent system that could alarm , Fault detection automatically.
8. This product is ESD-protected.
9. High-quality resistance good for long service life
10. Shell using alloy material, elegant appearance.
11. Safe solder QFP, PLCC, BGA and other temperature-sensitive components.
12. Intelligent detection and cool airflow features.
13. Green lines and high-quality silicone body heat good for extend life and save power.
Remark: Specifications and design subject to change without notice
What's in the box:
* main unit + gun + power cord
* guide
* soldering iron
* soldering iron holder
* 3 nozzles
These are 220V units, we also do accept special orders for 110V  / 230V/ 240V units

YIHUA 898D hot air smd rework soldering station

Power consumption


Gun temperature range


 Soldering Iron Temperature range


Gun type

Brushless fan

Air flow:120L/MIN 

 Soldering Iron type

Black handle

Gun heater material


Soldering Iron heater material

Common heater

Gun heater resistance


Soldering Iron heater resistance

45 Ohm


Model NO.

Inner box


Outer box



Product weight






Price : $55 / pcs 


SMT LED production line stencil printer 44*60cm,smt solder paste printer
1.This stencil printer units countertops stainless steel platform body paint

2.Then stencil printer is in high quality
Simple manual stencil printer machine is small and
convenient, especially for new product trial, and some low-volume electronics factory, the production of many varieties, affordable,
easy to use, is essential for the production of
small electronic tools.
 1. Can be flat, curved surface printing, manual
operation manual easy to adjust, accurate and reliable.

2. Manual stencil printer machine printing area:
45× 60mm manual screen printing machine suitable
for small-scale screen printing products to use, this
device easy to adjust, accurate and reliable.

3. Simple manual stencil printer machine can be used
in several specifications, suitable for all sizes of hand-printed silk screen, optional sizes work surface 240 * 300mm, 320* 440mm, 420 * 600mm three sizes
1.We provide you the friendly English User manual or operating videos for free.
2.24 hours technical support by email or calling.
3.Warranty: 1 year free, 2-3 years cost price and free technical support always.
4.Free training to make sure you master the operating of our products.
5. OEM/ODM accept . But the MOQ of OEM/ODM is 100 sets.
Small size:240*300mm  $45/ pcs

Middle size:320*440mm   $50 / pcs

Big size :450*600mm  $85 / pcs


Brand ProsKit 8S005 soldering paste without acid welding oil  

The soldering past is composed of metal power activated flux and blending agents 
The area and the thickness to be soldered can be easily controlled 
No spot appears in non-solder area 
The paste has a good diffusion and non-corrosion

Weight : 25G
Part number : LA813001
Price $2.5 / pcs