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Manufacturer of medical equipment accessaries and supplier 

We design and produce related products with wide varieties , such as Reusable and Disposable SpO2 sensors , ECG/EKG cables and leaders , NIBP cuffs and Hose/Connectors ,IBP cables and transducers , Temperature probes ,Pulse Oximeter , Fetal TOCO transducers , etc . 

Memory card connector ,SD card ,FPC connector 
Our Products have got the certification of Olympus ,Casio , Kodak ,Ricoh ,Samsung ,TDK,Hitachi ,Audiovox ,Jensen, Canon ,GM,BBK,Noah,Konka ,Skyworth through 3rd party .Our SD card and FPC connector can be used on Autombile Audio/Vedeo ,Digital cameral ,Hifi system ,Home audio/video ,Gps ,Ebook ,Pda ,Notebook .We also can offer customization service for customer .Our factory passed ISO9001 :2000 and ISO 14001:2004 system , we follow EU Rohs and PAHS standard . 

Speakers Manufacture

We produce, develop and sell speakers, column speakers, professional active sound devices and digital multi-media system.

Tablet Manufacture and supplier
Our factory is one of the world leaders in designing and manufacturing wireless pen input devices. We have a complete range of Tablet products that allow users to experiment with handwriting, drawing, annotating and signing on documents and sending handwritten e-mails, with itself-developed Digital Organizer, which is integrated with Microsoft Office application softwares Such as Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.


Weighing Indicator 
We are a hi-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D,developing, making and selling of electronic weighing instruments.our company is dedicated to providing innovative design, precise production equipments, complete test and quality assurance system for users.

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There are many kinds of shipment type for choice , more flexible and faster . Experess shiplment is faster but more expensive , Registered Air Mail is lower and slowly . Normally , it takes 3-5 business days for delivery via express once the status is updated on their official website ; 7-15 buisness days via Registered Air Mail . We provide many kinds of shipment type in order to support your business around globle . 

HongKong DHL ( High frequency choice , business season is not recommended )
China Mainland DHL ( US , Mexico , Denmark is available at a lower price , it is 1-2 days faster than HongKong DHL )
Our company's DHL account 603003527 ( Expensive for small packages , but the top fastest ) 
Please refer to the following link to find the diference :
TaiWang DHL (With end of year around, when they are thousands of parcels flying around , HongKong DHL suffers delay , TaiWang DHL is a good choice) 
Singapre DHL  :It's one of the cheapest choice among these DHL selaection , the status is updated when the parcel arrives in Singarpore . while you can not find the delivery information which from ShenZhen to Singapre online .

UPS  The delivery time is approximately the same as DHL , but the freight is higher in some country than DHL )

China-Russia border  This is a special line for Russion , because there is limitation for the customer receive parcel via DHL , the receiver should be company , personal is not allowed . Registered  Air Mail is not available when the total weight > 2kg . Freight via EMS is very expensive , for example , the parcel weiight 5 kg , the total weight is 4 times than that via China-Russia border . 

Middle East Line- This is a special line for these countries in the following map .

Sweden Registered Air Mail 
It is a good choice for battery . 
HongKong Registered Air Mail
EMS : It is a good choice for France .

No matter where you are , you can also have a good choice on the shipment and received your parcel as expectation . 

Freight :
Contact us if you want to know . 

We do payment in advance for each order . Big order we accept 2 times payment , 80% ( before production )+20% (before shipment ) .Considering that providing the fastest turnaround at the most competitive price , we don't want the manufacturing is stucked because of the short of money at the end of customer . We don't risk of stopping the manufacturing process because many other customer's order will be affected , all of us is in one chian . 

Payment method 

Paypal The top frequency choice for customer when the amount is <2000 usd . We receive the payment at the time once they pay it . Customers need to pay the paypal charges when the amount > =2000 usd . Customer pay 3.9% of the total amount / 2 .That means , we pay half for customer . Customer don't need to pay the paypal charges if you wire it via paypal e-check . 

T/T Wire transfer is for big amount , normally it takes 3-5 business days for customers' bank to process the payment , then we will receive the payment . Compare to paypal , the bank charges is lower .

Western Union 
It's good choice for small amount , the bank chages is lower than paypal charges , it takes less time than T/T .After payment , we can receive the payment within half an hour . But the big amount is not available , because the bank charges is very expensive .