Shipment with DHL
Several month ago , ShenZhen port suffer problem , which made shipment delay . please refer to the following link to find the details :
Now the shipment recovered a lot , but there is still 3-4 days delay at ShenZhen port . 
In the past year , we worked with HongKong DHL . we send all the parcel to HongKong DHL agent in ShenZhen , then they transmitte the parcel to HongKong DHL . Only when HongKong DHL picked the parcel , then we can find the updating on DHL website .  HongKong DHL agent gathered lots of parcel like our company and send to HongKong DHL , so the DHL freight is lower . we got 70% discount on the open price . Beofore the ShenZhen port issue , the delivery time is normal . 

However ,because of the ShenZhen port issue , many parcel suffered delay . To speed-up the shipment , we worked with China Mainland DHL instead of DHL agent  , and opened company DHL account 603003527 . China DHL picks parcel in ShenZhen and has no problem in ShenZhen port , no delay on the shipment . Once China DHL picks the parcel , you can find the stauts on DHL websit and receive the parcel within 3-5 business days . But if there is air climate changes or air condition . the shipment may also suffer delays . We got 30% discount on the open price when the parcel weight < 21kg , 70% dicount on the open price when the parcel >=21kg . So the freight is a little higher than HongKong DHL , but it's much faster ( 3-4 days ) than HongKong DHL , and wil save much of your time . 

If you have your own DHL account , you can tell us . So you don't have to pay the freight to us . you can pay to DHL directely when you receive your parcel .  DHL discount is various on the DHL account , maybe your dicount on your DHL account is better than us . 

So when you order from us , kindly please let me know which DHL you are prefer to ,  HongKong DHL or China Mainland DHL ? And how to pay the freight . Then we will quote the both of the freight to you . 

Below you can find how fast China DHL , below is the one of China DHL from one of our customer , that order 48h speed-up service .