Half-plating hole process
What's half-plating hole ? It is one board have many holes skirted on the board edge , the diameter of the hole was along with the edge , and these holes have bo be plated .Compare to generally manufacturing ,there are 2 times for routing . The first times is to rout the half hole , (please note the half-holes are routed , not drilled ).The second time is to rout the boards to shape . 

When the half-hole size is larger than 0.8mm and with normal pcb thickness ,such as 1.2-1.6mm ,the boards is prony to be fabricated .However ,we have ever made bad pcb in the past time , why ? table bridge broken
Recent days , one R&D member send us a gerber file with panels and small table .Appearently ,sufferring the same issue due to narrow table bridge .see below :