Custom products
One connector and one cable , we assemble them , they can be used in computers , computer peripherals , servo ,industrial control ,security mechanical ,communications medical and other fields .
Computer Mechanical Medical equipment
Security IPC Servo

Connector option 
There are several series for connector : SCSI Series ,USB Series ,DIN41612 Series ,Pin Socket conn ,D-SUB Series ,HDMI Series , Game Series , Cable Series etc . 
SCSI 50P Connector,3M10350 MDR Connector
SCSI 36P Connector,3M10336 MDR Connector
SCSI 26P Connector,3M10326 MDR Connector
SCSI 20P Connector,3M10320 MDR Connector
SCSI 14P Connector,3M10314 MDR Connector

1.27mm SCSI 20Pin CN-Type Connector
1.27mm SCSI 26Pin CN-Type Connector
1.27mm SCSI 36Pin CN-Type Connector
1.27mm SCSI 14Pin CN-Type Connector
1.27mm SCSI 50Pin CN-Type Connector
DB Connector 9/15/25/37/44/62P Female Solder Type
DB Connector Female 9/15/25/37/44/62P Sloder Type
DB Connector 9/15/25/37/44/62P Male Solder Type
DB Connector Male 9/15/25/37/44/62P Solder Type
DIN41612 Connector Straight 396 Male
DIN41612 Connector Straight 332 Male
DIN41612 Connector Straight 264 Male
DIN41612 Connector Straight 232 Male
DIN41612 Connector Straight 396 Female
DIN41612 Connector Straight 364 Female
DIN41612 Connector Straight 264 Female
USB 3.0 Connector 20PIN IDC Box Header
USB 3.0 Connector 20PIN IDC Female
1.27mm SCSI 50Pin D-Type IDC Female
1.27mm SCSI 68Pin D-Tyoe IDC Female
1.27mm SCSI 50PIN D-Type IDC Male
Micro HDMI 19P Male With Cable Clamp
Micro HDMI Female SMT With Shell DIP
HDMI D Type 19Pin Female SMT Type
HDMI D Type 19Pin Male Splint Type
HDMI D Type 19Pin Male Solder Type
HDMI D Type Male Solder Type With PCB
MINI HDMI 19P Male With Cable Clamp
MINI HDMI 19P Male Solder Type With PCB
HDMI Connector C Type 19Pin Female
HDMI 19P Female SMT With Screw Holes
HDMI Connector Female With The Shell DIP
HDMI Connector Female With Screw Holes

Aonther service : mold design , metal stamping, plastic injection molding, product assembly, wire connectors and wires manufacturing .Contact us when you need .